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Lasbon Technology Indonesia was formed on April 17 2018 initiated by Nurdina Aulia Nalasari by utilizing the resources that were owned at the time to see many young people of Surabaya who have skills in engineering, networking, hacking and coding that are very capable. This is where the company was formed . Lasbon Technology Indonesia is very concerned about technological developments both about how to make a new breakthrough, build a start up, conduct a digital security technology audit so that it is not only proficient in making a project but can guarantee the security of a running system.

Our Professional Team

We Have a Very Reliable Team
Bagaskara S. Premana
Bagaskara S. Premana
Security Analyst, Ethical Hacker
Bagus Putra
Bagus Putra
Programmer, System Analyst, System Security Design, Database Design

Our Team is Internationally Certified

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